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Charge Card

Send card details along with payment information in order to charge a card for payment
Charge Card
Very important. The entire request body needs to be serialized to JSON and encrypted using AES before posting to the endpoint. The encryption should follow these steps: 1. Convert the user token base 64 string. Then convert to byte array of length 16. If the array length is less than 16 add empty bytes to make up 16. Use this as the AES Key 2. Repeat step 1 above for your Secret Key and use this as the AES IV

Where to go from here?

Once you have called the endpoint successfully, check If status == "success" then you can proceed to inspect the data object. If not, then data will contain the error message. If data.Use3DSecure == true, then you need to load data.AuthURL in a webview, otherwise, display data.OTPMessage as a prompt to the user with a text input field to accept user's OTP.
if (Response.data.Use3DSecure) {
//transaction can only go through 3D secure
//Load Response.data.AuthURL for the user in a webview, or browser page
} else {
//show OTP screen to user
//Response.data.OTPMessage: will contain the message you need to display to the user
//Response.data.OTPValidationEndpoint will contain the endpoint to post the OTP to